08 August 2007

That's Hot...

I had the best time guest posting for Laurence at Bee Happy. People had the nicest comments. She has some great readers. I am looking forward to reading their sites as well.

This weekend is going to be full of heat, family(in laws), heat, humidity, heat and farm land as far as the eye can see. Did I mention heat? Yes friends, we are headed to Nebraska. That just sent a chill down my spine. Is that ironic? Or just creepy?

I should enjoy the chill while I can. The weather channel is reporting 100 plus temps with high humidity. Oh happy day. I very much dislike heat.

To the rest of the guest posters at Bee Happy, Best of luck, I promise to comment with my support as soon as I return. I will be computer free while we're away.


Sizzle said...

humidity is no one's friend. i do not envy you!

eclectic said...


Like... on purpose?? Aaack! As someone who lived there through college and grad school, I extend you my heartfelt best wishes. ;)

BeeHappy Laurence said...

Thanks for all you said !

It is a pleasure for readers and for me ! :-)

Merci beaucoup.

Lewis said...

Come on now....Nebraska isn't THAT bad. I mean, it's all relative...right?