30 March 2008

Lunch Date...

I'm having anxiety attacks about our impending separation. Mr. Man asked me yesterday if I would miss him while he was away. I almost lost it. We haven't really talked about whats going on in front of him. Three year olds are much sharper than we give them credit for. He seems to have a good grasp about whats about to happen.

Today he asked what his new bedroom would look like. On the up side, he is taking it very well and seems excited about the new adventure.

While Precious was working at the gallery I thought Mr. Man and I should go to lunch. I let him decide what we should have. He selected the Mariner Market. It's the local grocer in Cannon Beach. He knew exactly what he was after.

Foie Gras Pate with Truffles and Porto, Beef Summer Sausage, Aged Irish Cheddar Cheese, Sun dried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thin crackers, and an apple. He asked If I wanted wine with mine, but we opted for orange Gator aid and Tea.

I Love that boy.

We went to the park and had lunch on a bench. I used my swiss army knife to cut and spread. We watched kids play, birds begged for food. We could see the snow coming down the mountains. Elk were feeding across the park from us. The sun was shinning but there was a chill in the air. Rain and or more snow was coming fast.

After a quick lunch we had time to play at the playground for a few minutes before the rain started. We ran for the car. Mr. Man wanted to finish our lunch in the car and watch people. So we did. We talked about cheese, tennis, moving trucks, if he could have a blue bedroom, when mom would be home and several other things that were forgotten as soon as they were spoken. It's not easy to keep up with a three year old. But it is sure fun to try.

We are about to miss five months of his new life, and it's breaking our hearts. I'm hoping that he is young enough to not remember this years from now. I know I will never forget it.

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heather! anne! said...

This reminded me of something, and broke my heart a little. My warmest wishes are with you and your family.