23 December 2008

Good Morning Wood...

In the rare occasion that I happen to get up in the morning before Mr. Man does, I like to sneak into his room and lay down next to him. He is such a happy kid in the morning.(most mornings anyway)

As he wakes we talk about dreams and breakfast.

This morning it went like this:

With his eyes still closed I hear:

"Morning Daddy. Are all of the presents still under the tree?"

Yes they are.

Phew. That's good. Is there a bad dream stuck in my Dream Catcher? I thought I had a bad dream but I'm not sure, so if the Dream Catcher has it I want to see.

No dreams still in it. When the sun comes up the dreams disappear. That way they can't come back.

Should my penis be standing up? It does that every morning. Is that ok? What happens if it's not standing up? Is that ok too? What's for breakfast? Is mom up yet?

Yes. Yes. Nothing yet. Yes. Pancakes. Yes.

Thanks Dad.


Sizzle said...

That's priceless.

delmer said...

You gotta love those conversations.