22 December 2008

On The Easel...13...Thud Moment

At any given moment in time, a fraction of a second, that changes everything. The universe is altered ever so slightly, but it's more than enough to change the course of events from that moment on. There's no going back.

If you're very lucky and paying close attention, you just might hear it.


Oh how I wish it were truly an audible sound for all to hear. Just in case you had your ear buds in, listening to your latest down load or pod cast. Someone near you may of heard your Thud and they could give a heads up.

Dude, That was a close one. Thanks for the heads up.

Truth is, we seldom hear the Thud until much latter. Going back in our minds where no one can hear our screams but us, we re-play the situation. We watch our selves as if a bystander, and there it is...


Son, of, a, bee-atch! How did I not see that one coming? Did you hear that? That was one heck of a Thud.

Ah, but such is life. The crystal clear vision that is hind sight. I seldom have my narrator when I need her.

Life gets funny at times. Not so much a funny Ha Ha, but more a funny peculiar. Like an aroma. Not necessarily an inviting aroma but it doesn't make you gag either. Tolerable, in a curious sort of...

So. Off. Track...real it in...

The first hour or so. A wash of blues, greens, red and just a touch of black and white. 36 x 48 inches on canvas. She has a few issues with alignment, but who doesn't. I'll fix them. I had to share. I'm very excited about this one for some reason. But I'm stopping. It's like late. Early. take your pick.

If I'm lucky, I may have her done in five to ten...years, we'll see.

Did you hear that? Some one is Thudding.


Christine said...

Oh, I heard MY thud, loud and clear. I think I am shaking it off, though. Which is why I am up, sucking tea at 6am. I got shakin' to do!

gonzales said...

DUDE, don't do much more to that painting!!! It's done!!