22 June 2009

So What?

So I spend way too many hours talking to myself. I have come to realize(with a lot of help) that I don't always want to hear what I have to say. A person can live in fear of the unknown, or they can embrace it. I have spent my entire life, aside from a few years I lost, a lifetime ago, and recently the last few weeks, embracing the unknown.

Not quite sure why I slipped this time. Maybe it's the whole parent thing. I know that has changed me considerably. (for the better I might add)

So there it is. I refuse to live a life of fear, if even for a moment. I'm in charge here. With every new adventure there is risk, excitement and the unknown. It makes things interesting. We will have to make some big changes. C'est la vie!

As long as I stay calm and under control (for the most part) we'll be ok.

Thank you very much to everyone that commented and emailed during my episode. You are a great bunch of people.


Iron Fist said...

That's the winning attitude. Glad to read this!

Christine said...

Attaboy, Sparky. Chin up.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

It's always such a relief after deciding to walk away from the fear. I know...I am an expert. ;)