07 June 2009

The Studio Plunder...A History, Part Nine

Even though I had studied art and design in school, I never really took the fine art seriously. I was more into the design. Deep down I really wanted to be a painter.

In 2000 I was an emotional wreck. Death, depression, and love, can make for serious turmoil in ones life. It was difficult to take anything seriously.

I was designing three dimensional interiors like these two below. Several of them I created in my studio. The brick, city wall, was one of my favorites. Some where I have photos of it. I had even designed a few dresses. I wont be showing those designs. I do plan on trying to make them one day. But not today.

This is the initial concept for two walls that would be built in my studio/house. In full color and 3-D with moving parts and lights.

I had stared to create some erotica type works. No, I am not going to post the more graphic ones. These two below were part of a series of a dozen works. The others are borderline porn, depending on your point of view.

I know, they don't look very erotic but they are taken out of context.

I was spending much less time doing the quick sketches and studies. My goal was to concentrate on the work in front of me at the time and make more finished works. Graphite and pencils were the medium of choice. Easy to access and little to no clean up. They could be worked on any where and didn't need storage or drying time.

These three are also from a series of six works. The others are more risque.

This drawing became the study for my very first work in oil, which I painted at the end of 2001.

By the end of 2001 I had fallen in love. I have been told that I fall too easily. Maybe. I have always been lead be my heart. No matter how much pain love can cause, I have always found it to be worth the risk. It was this new love that became my Precious. My life and my art have never been same. It might not show as much in my art work, but she's made a huge difference in who I have become. Both as a person and a painter.

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