08 June 2007

Sometimes Life Is Good...

After three day and more than five hours on the phone with Apple Care, we have determined that I now own a big fat Apple Powermac G4 paper weight. If I'm luck I will be able to take it to the nearest Apple store and they can save everything that's on the hard drives.

Daddy gets a new computer for the gallery!


I came home today to find three very lovely and very naked women in my backyard. It's good to be the king.

Actually David is over using my studio and backyard again to work on a couple of new paintings. Donny came with to document the event. They are making a documentary type thing to go along with the group of works. Collectors love that sort of thing.

In case you have never come home to three lovely naked women, it's pretty cool.

Sorry no picture. (for now)


Kelly said...

Hey, that one in the middle looks just like me! Even down to the missing leg. I'd better make sure I'm wearing a towel from now on whenever I go outside, to avoid being sculpted by passing artists.

Yikes. And also, congratulations on your new baby! I'm sorry your other one had to die first, though. That just BLOWS, my friend.

Mad William said...

I get to pick up the little on on Tuesday. I have to drive to Portland for her but she'll be worth it.

You always have to watch out for passing artists. We can not resist a lovely naked body.

Iron Fist said...

I'm not sure which Apple store you're headed to, but if it's the Mac Store on Multnomah in the Lloyd District that's right across the street from my work. Pretty good guys that work there, I know a few of them.

If that's the one you're headed to I'll treat you to an ice cream sandwich if it's a hot day out.

Mad William said...

Iron Fist,
I do love Ice Cream.
I think we are headed for Washington Square. Is that anywhere close to you?

eclectic said...

Wait. If you're driving to Portland, make it Wednesday and we can all meet for drinks and dinner!!! C'mon, what's ONE EXTRA DAY?!?!?!

Mad William said...


Sure, now you tell me. I have a gallery group meeting on Wednesday. I'm on the board so I can't really miss it.

Next time you're in town give me a few days notice and we'll be there.

Thanks for the thought.

Iron Fist said...

Nope, Washington Square mall is in Tigard, probably twenty minutes away from where I am, depending on traffic. The one near where I work is close to Lloyd Center Mall.

Oh well. My friend Kevin and I are due to teach Sibyl how to surf this summer so maybe we'll make it out your way. I am rather fond of Arcadia Beach.