27 June 2007

Today In The Gallery...

Some days I just can't believe how thick people are. Ok, not necessarily thick, they just don't pay attention or listen or bother to look around before they speak.

Lady: Can you tell me about these Birds?

Me: Absolutely, they are by Frank Gonzales...blah blah blah.

Lady: (wondering around they gallery still talking about Frank's work) I really like these too. Are these by Gonzales also?

Me: No. Those were painted by Dr Seuss.

Lady: So did Gonzales have to get permission to paint these.

Me: No. They were painted by Dr Seuss. Not Gonzales.( As I point to the sign that says, "The Secret Art Of Dr Seuss")

Lady: If I didn't know better I say these were actually done by the same guy that wrote the Dr Seuss books.

Me: They were. It was the same man that wrote the books that painted these. ( I hand her the book called, "The Secret Art Of Dr Seuss")

Lady: So they weren't done by Gonzales?


Iron Fist said...

Wait...now I'm confused. So they're not by Gonzalez, they're by Dr. Seuss...and they are by the same Seuss who wrote the books or a different Seuss? I'm still a little fuzzy on that part.

Marko said...

I guess some people need a little more effort to get to the bottom of things, but this one is far beyond my comprehension.
I think our World would be a much better place if all the people would have your amont of patience. Keep it up!

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