06 June 2007

The Best Of Low Brow...

Last week I went to an art opening at Yummy wine bar and bistro. Yummy is new to the area. It opened about two months ago. We have been there about a half a dozen time already. This area was so lacking anything like this before. This place is something you see in places like southern California, Soho, places with...oh, how do I put this?...With taste. Needless to say we were surprised when it opened here.

The owner, Corey, did a fantastic job putting this place together. It makes you feel at home. Corey says it is, "...a magnet for the grooviest people in town. Lively and smart, it hits the right note with artfully prepared dishes, luscious flavored wines, and for your purchase we display eye candy low brow art to challenge your imagination."

I love that. Although there are maybe 20 people in this area that even know what groovy means.

The food is fantastic! It is everything this area was missing. The Duck mousse is my personal favorite on the menu. It melts in your mouth. I have it every time we go in, which has been about once a week since they opened. They have a scallop dish that is divine. The chef has out done himself. The next time I go I will grab a menu and take some note so I can give you a better review than this.

Furnished it retro 60's, 70's, lava lamps, glass fruit. It reminded me of Samantha's swinging sister Serena from Bewitched.

Anywho...The art opening was for Corey's partner, Jimmy Pickering

I instantly fell in love with his work. There is something about the kids that went to Cal Arts. You can almost always spot them. Think Tim Burton. Precious and I recognized Jimmy's work right away. He had done the illustrations for a book we just got for Mr. Man, "Sloop John B", based on the Beach Boys song of the same title.

The art is fun, futuristic, surreal and whimsical. They sort of fall into what some people are calling the "Low brow, Pop Surrealist Movement". I not in favor of labeling artists that are still alive and producing work, but hey, it's not my label.

I had almost forgotten how far out of the art world loop we are, now that we live in Oregon. This is another planet.

After talking with Jimmy about his work and exploring his website I have re-discovered a few other artists that I adore. All of these people make me feel like a complete and utter hack. As well as remind me that I need to change my web site. Their work is what I envision my Chadette portraits becoming one day.

One of Jimmy's friends, Brian Despain, along with Lori Earley, and Cassandra Barney are filling my head with ideas and inspiration. I would love to meet these people. Actually I know Jimmy and I have met Cassandra. In fact we just bought three of Cassandra's works for ourselves. I feel like a kid in a candy store. So much great work, so little money.

Check out these sites, look around. They all deserve your attention.


Heather Anne said...

People who don't know the word groovy did not watch Scooby-Doo. And I cannot be friends with those people.

Mad William said...

Heather Anne,
I so agree. Even Mr. Man watches Scooby. I have the whole gang on my checks.

Iron Fist said...

I may be no connoisseur of art but you're far from being a hack.