05 June 2007

Don't Rock The Boat...

The art Gods must have heard me and now they're pissed.

The day after my last post the computer at the gallery had a system failure and wont restart.
I have spent an hour on the phone with Apple Care, tried to reload the system disk. Nothing.
They suggested that I take it to the nearest Apple store. Sure it's only 90 bloody miles from here.

Have you ever had a system failure? This sucks. Everything gallery related is on the stupid machine. Inventory, contacts, invoices, bank register, photos, email...EVERYTHING!

We have come to a complete stand still. I miss the days when we kept our records on paper. No need to back up info. We kept a Polaroid camera in case someone wanted a photo. We used snail mail and stamps to send things to clients. Ah the good old days.

The Apple guy asked me if we had the system backed up. Sure we do. I can't get to that either. Something about the back up not being compatible with my computer at home. Great.
I clearly do not know enough about computers.


Heather Anne said...

System failure is the worst! Good luck. I hope you don't have to kill anyone. (But I support you if you do.)

Kelly said...

Heather Anne will support you, and so will I, and I'm sure you have many, many more supporters, so MW, you'll never have Support System failure.

That said (which was stupid, sorry), that's happened to us exactly three times since we've had computers, and it DOES suck. It's awful. Even now our old computer that just died, with all our records, pictures, etc on it, is sitting next to the desk waiting for repair. IF it can be.

Argh, in solidarity.