14 July 2007

Acting Childish...

I heard someone ask their child to stop acting childish. It seemed odd to me at the time. After thinking about it I realized that I have said the same thing to Mr. Man. He does something silly or acts up a bit and I tell him that he is too old for kind of behavior.

Is he really too old to act like a kid?

We all grow up. Eventually we all out grow the things we did as a child. It's nature, we can't help it. But why do we, as parents and as a culture, want our kids to grow up so fast? When was the last time any of you thought to yourselves that you wished you had grown up faster? Don't we all grow up way too fast anyway?

Let kids act like kids. In fact, we should all spend more time acting like kids. Without a care in the world. No pressure from a job. No bills to pay. No worries of war, crime or a government bent on ruining things for everyone as long it benefits them.

We should all be kids for as long as we can. We're grown up for way too long as it is.


Sizzle said...

i totally agree.

Iron Fist said...

I'm still like a kid. I just pay taxes now.

eclectic said...

Ah, but a child who does not grow up in stages may be unable to grow up all at once. At least, I think that's what childhood is supposed to be: a gentle transition from infancy into adulthood.

Sheree Rensel said...

I saw this post and just laughed. I agree. Kids need to be kids and act like kids as long as possible. The problem is when they grow up and bring the negative behaviors with them. You know about those kind of adults. This post reminded me of my "Misbehaviorists" series.