20 July 2007

Give And Take...

I have always been drawn to live by bodies of water. Rivers, lakes, oceans. Water is healing, calming, cleansing. When I saw the house we now live in, I didn't need to look any further. I wanted to live here. I can sit and look out over the ocean. Watch the waves as the pass by.

Some days I sit on the rocks to stare out to the west. I can listen to the sound of moving water for hours on end. I loose myself in the sound. My world and my troubles drift away. I look out as far as I can see. The world drops off into nothingness. It always looks the same. It's always changing. It's simple and perfect.

When I stand at my table and paint, I try to put myself on the beach. I can hear it, smell it, feel it. I want my paintings to have the same simplicity, the same complexity. I look into the painting to where the world drops off and I listen to it.

I can get lost in my work. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes I just get lost. Do I get anything from it or is it taking part of me. Like a photograph stealing your soul. With each brush stroke I lay down, I leave a part of me on the canvas.

I wonder if the ocean is stealing part of me. When I watch it and talk to it, is it really giving back to me. Is it helping me, or is it taking part of me.


Sizzle said...

when i look at those paintings i feel like i can just walk onto the canvas and directly onto the beach. i can even hear the waves and feel the breeze. beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

I agree that the ocean is calming. What a beautiful post.

Sheree Rensel said...

How lucky you are! I know what that is like to be able to live and look out at the water. For the first 10 years I lived here in St. Petersburg, I rented an apartment that looked over the water. When I woke up each morning, the windows were full of blues and greens. The twinkle of the Gulf of Mexico was mesmerizing. Since then, I bought a house. I can't afford to own by the water here in St. Pete. However, I am still only 1.8 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, so I can visit in minutes. Now I look out at my overgrown yard with huge trees and climbing plants. There are all kinds of animals who call my yard home. In fact, I have deemed it "Wizzlewolf Park". Looking out at this type of nature makes me feel good too. Even though I love water, I am an EARTH sign. Maybe that is why I love having my own tropical "park". LOL LOL
Sheree Rensel