17 July 2007

New Arrivals...

This week in the art world we have a couple of new releases.

One of my favorite artists, Markus Pierson has released a new limited edition serigraph on canvas, "Red Sky, Blue Heart". It is approximately 21 x 44 inches.

"My days, like spent rose petals, escape my grasp and fill my sky. Love remains my unknown sanctuary, thus my long journey continues, wandering apace with my 2 constant companions: My red sky and my blue heart."

I absolutely love his work.

Also this week, we have added the work of Victoria Montesinos to the gallery. She paints beautiful florals intertwined with lace and rattan patterns. Painted in oil and most are quite large, they have a soft warm feel and complex subtleness.

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Sizzle said...

oooh! pierson's piece is beautiful!