22 February 2008

A New Direction...

So I go to see Dr. Bob.
We exchange pleasantries, I sit down and the first thing out his mouth is,

"So why are you so unhappy?"

What? Me? Unhappy?

The conversation went on for some time. Well, and hour to be exact.

I had no idea. I thought I was a happy person. Apparently not. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, it never seems to meet my expectations. I find fault. I want better. I'm right you're wrong no matter what. Let me take over the world and it will be a better place, no arguing. Don't interrupt.

Of all of my issues, this seems to be the big one. Of course I'm in total denial of all of this. I'm a happy person dammit.

Ok, I'll work on it.

Speaking of working on it...

Here is the latest Chadette. I had extra paint from a session with Mr. Man. So I spread it on one of my canvases. I had intended to paint over the entire thing. I started with the girl thinking I will fill in the back as I went. Go fig, I kind of like her like this. The canvas is 20 x 22 inches. (It's an odd size but I had a frame already built)

She wants to be called Gillian. We'll see. I can't stop looking at this one for some reason. She has me fascinated.

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delmer said...

I get something similar to that, my person thinks I might be trying too hard to be happy as when I started going to see her (years ago) I seemed sad all the time. Of course, I was getting divorced and had a since-fixed odd mood-affecting medical problem.

Maybe this is the new "why do you hate your mother."