09 February 2008

Submission And Two Portraits...

The last few days I have been sending portfolios of my work to galleries in southern California. I have started with Los Angeles. With so many galleries, researching them takes a while. No sense contacting a gallery where my work wont fit in.

I hate the review process. It's not personal (most of the time). Galleries get so many artists wanting to submit their work it can be overwhelming. It gets easy to just say no right up front.
First contact is crucial. It needs to go well.

Of all of the galleries in the Los Angeles (LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood) area I choice 14 to contact. So far 3 have said they wont look. They're not taking submissions right now. 1 is out of business. 4 have asked to see my work and wanted my biography and history. The magic 8 Ball is hopeful.

Next week, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Laguna, San Diego, La Jolla.


A late night in the studio. These two are almost finished. I need sleep, I just rubbed oil paint in my eye.

Danni, 12 x 36 inches, oil on canvas.

Erica, 12 x 36 inches, oil on canvas.


heather! anne! said...

Good luck with your submissions. These two are beautiful!

eclectic said...

Wow! These two are stunning, both of them! Wishing you best of luck on the submission process.

Mad William said...

Thank you both. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.