03 May 2008

Spring Unveiling Art Festival...

Welcome to the gallery. Lets take a little tour of our show.

It's back. May 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Spring Unveiling.
It's the only thing keeping me from being at Tequilacon. Ok, one of the only things.

Every spring Cannon Beach has the first of our two art festivals. Three days of art shows, gallery receptions, unveilings, wine drinking, food eating and art snobbery.

15 galleries that belong to the gallery group as well as several other galleries that take advantage of the things the group does with out paying for any of it, comprise the weekend festivities. You can find them all at; www.cbgallerygroup.com

Friday night was rather slow. Not many people in town this year. Saturday needs to be much better. I guess that's today. Of course it's raining and cold. The weather report says it's going to be warm and only partly cloudy. Maybe they should step outside before they read their report.

To all of you in Philly, have a great time, wish I was there. Now let us all think warm fuzzy thoughts of people buying art. Ready...Set...Fuzzy!


Anonymous said...

The gallery looks amazing! So serene; I can just imagine sinking into one of the sofas and sitting, staring for hours :o)
Good luck this weekend!!

Mad William said...

Thanks, the sofa is a dream. I want to take it home.