18 May 2008


Tonight is the last night we will spend in this house as a family. Precious and Mr. Man have been asleep for hours now. I have been walking around organizing boxes and things, occasionally stopping to stare out the window. The lights of the coast are softly glowing through a layer of fog. Just thick enough to block the light of the near full moon. I will miss this place. I have loved this house. There will be a week left on our lease when I return in six days, but will most likely not spend another night here.

I'm having the "what might of beens and what might bees". Thinking about what we had planned when we moved here. What we hoped we would accomplish, and what we needed to accomplish. What we want out of our move back to California. The best laid plans.

Having moved as often as I have, one would think it should be easy. I get sentimental about places I've lived. I remember them all. As I sit here saying good bye to this place I think about the next one. While I'm here, Precious will find our next home. She and Mr. Man will live there for months before I move in. I find moving an exciting time, but it also makes me sad. An end to a chapter, the start of another.

In the morning we will finish loading, cleaning and getting our selves ready. We will drive to Portland to drop off my car at the airport. My ride home when I return. Spend the night drinking champagne in a motel room. Tuesday morning we will leave for San Diego.

Mr. Man is fascinated with the truck. He wants to spend every minute in it, on it or under it. Helping, of course. With each pause or break to rest between loads we were politely asked to return to work so he could return to the truck. Such a slave driver.

On a side note. Here are the two still lifes I mentioned last week. 10 x 10 inches each, oil on canvas. Finally finished and dry. They will be going to the EVO cooking school in Cannon Beach as soon as I return.


Anonymous said...

This totally summed it up..."An end to a chapter, the start of another."
That's exactly right, a new chapter and who knows what adventures it will contain.
Thinking of you all, from over here :o)

heather! anne! said...

My warmest, happiest wishes are with you and your family.

Mad William said...

Penelope and Heather! Anne!,

Thank you both very much. It means a great deal to me.

eclectic said...

Decisions are just the method life uses to carve it's path into the rock of time. This one, like all of them, will lead you to the next one, and the one after that, and happiness will be found in the journey. I wish you well, MW.

Sizzle said...

Here's to a new start. Hope you are safely traveling!

Mad William said...

Eclectic, Wise words. Thanks. I do enjoy the journey.

Sizzle, Safety first with a four year old. They are an accident going some where to happen.

Iron Fist said...

I wish I had read this yesterday. I totally would have taken you guys out for dinner. Dang.

Have a safe trip. Email me if you want to grab a drink when you get back.

Sheree Rensel said...

Boy William, I hear you. When I was a little girl, we moved at the drop of a hat. It wasn't pretty. Since adulthood, I stay firmly rooted as much as possible. Before I bought this house, I lived in the same apartment for ten years. I was so melacholy about leaving there. Yet, I have now lived in this house for six years. I can't imagine ever leaving. I understand how you can become attached. Guess what? You will again to some new place in your future. Just watch. God Speed! :-)