13 November 2008

What Is Your Issue? She Asked Like I'm Insane...

So I relate to Precious my job problems. Briefly. Via phone. While she's driving.

She comes home and I give her the details and my concerns.

I get this blank stare and then, "What?"

"You were offered both of the jobs you wanted. A really cool job that suites you and one of your dream jobs. In the same week. Boo Hoo. And the problem is?"

The problem is................. I'm scared..................You want something bad enough, and maybe you don't really expect to get it. Then when you do? Then what? I'm having serious doubts about my abilities.

"You do the jobs. You learn. You expand. You grow. You love it. Why is that a problem? It's what you wanted. You've had new jobs before. You've had new challenges before. Your entire life has been trying to get to this place. Now you're there. Shees! I thought you had real issues."

Then she smacked me up side the head and told me to get a grip.

This is why were a great together. I am such a lucky guy.

So...I am going to try and do them both. I wanted them both. So. Problem solved. We shall convene again in 30 days to re-evaluate.

Cool! I have two jobs, or, Shit! I have two jobs.

We shall see.


Christine said...

I have DONE the not-your-dream-job-but-a-nice-gig job, and you absolutely can do that one while holding down another job.

Especially if the other job is a dream job. You are going to be so happy with dream job that it is going to flow into everything else you do.


I am just a tad envious. I think I'll go stare at the paintings you sent me...

Mad William said...


I am going to try to do both. How often do you even get a shot at a dream job? Well, in this case this is my first shot at one so, not very often.

Sizzle said...

I wish you luck! And balance!

eclectic said...

Good for you! Just don't forget to breathe, and I'm certain you'll be splendid.