13 November 2008

Holy F-ing Job Offers Bat Man!

Dear Dr. Bob,

I need help.

Ok, yesterday I went on about looking for jobs that I'm not entirely qualified for.

The first, is one of my dream jobs. (that's still all I'm going to say about it at this point) The other is a great opportunity. It should be a fun gig.

The dream job has been very slow with the interviews, the evaluations, more interviews, etc. And they should be cautious. This is not your basic retail chain store. They can't afford to have some one come in and talk a good game then fail and have to be replaced.

The other job is basically a reporter gig. I interview businesses. Write a review of said businesses. I also write articles that may or may not include info from said interviews. It's a great job if you love to write and pretty much work for yourself. Which I do.

This week I finally decided that I can't really wait any more(having been unemployed for most of this year, I need a job) so I decided to take the other job. I started this morning. Interviewing small businesses and starting my reviews. (I have not seen such hostility to a business review in my life) I'm not selling them anything. It costs them nothing. They get a review of their business on our website and in our print magazine and they may be featured in an article for both and possibly for other larger publications. What is the problem with being polite.

Well the joke is on them. The reviews get written one way or another. They can cooperate or not. But if they're jerks that throw me out before they even find out about what I want, it will not reflect kindly in their review.

So anywho...

I'm at home, sitting in the sun, having a drink, writing my reports and reviews while I work on my articles when the phone rings...

(who can see what's coming next?)

That's right. Dream Job! They call and would like to offer me a 30 day trial to see if I can walk the walk now that I have convinced them I can talk the talk. They want me to start this coming Tuesday.

To paraphrase one of my favorite bloggers, Sizzle, I am now left with, "the square root of fuck all".

The dream job is basically asking me to come work for them for a month, for a pittance, just to see if I can really do everything I told them I can do.

I would have to quit the job I just took in order to take the 30 day trial. If at the end of 30 days, it doesn't work out I'm back to square one. Unemployed and unable to go back to the job I have and would have to quit after only a few days. How rude is that?

If it does work out after 30 days, I have one of my dream jobs.

**Insert photo of me pulling my hair out in great big clumps**


Sizzle said...

My questions to you are these:

How often does a dream job come along?

Could you live with the regret of not giving it a shot?

Can you deal with the rudeness of small business owners day in and day out in your new position?

I know there's a lot to consider but for what it is worth, I'd take the leap of faith and snatch that dream job. You'll likely be fantastic at it and all will be right with the world.

At least. . . until something happens to fuck it up. Life is fickle like that. ;-)

P.S. Thanks for reminding me of that phrase!

Mad William said...


You're totally right. How could I not take a shot at it?