19 November 2008

When Did This Turn Into A Personal Journal Of Whine?

It's about 5am. I've been awake for several hours now. Can't sleep. I started my new job yesterday. Loved it. This is a lousy time for insomnia. I have a ton of things to learn. My brain hurts from reading. The last two years seem to have turned me into a veg.

On top of that I am feeling claustrophobic in my own body. I'm having sinus trouble. They swell up to where I can not breath through my nose at all. Nothing. In or out. I've tried inhalers. Sprays. Decongestants. Tubes. The pressure builds up to where it gives me migraines. I'm quite sure that if I took an ice pick, and stuck it through one of my eyes into my brain, and swirled it around, that it would feel better than it does right now. Never a shot gun around when you need one.

It's difficult to read and learn things when your head might implode.

On Monday, My in-laws came to visit. Until May. Yep. In-laws for six months. Fortunately they are pretty cool as far as in-laws go. I just need to remember that I can't roam around the house nekid. Well, I can, but, it gets awkward.


I shot this guy at the Wild Animal Park last week. He doesn't usually lay around like this. The rock he's on sits at the top of their enclosure. He has a view of a huge section of the park. I am pretty sure he was watching the zebras. Or small kids, it was hard to tell.

And on a final note before I go find the ice pick, this site will be about art and or something interesting again, very soon. Really.


Dave2 said...

How did you manage to shoot a lion at an animal park and not end up in jail? Or, at the very least, avoid being protested by Peta? Ordinarily, I'd feel bad about this sort of thing, but I'm sure you had your reasons and that lion deserved to die.

Penelope said...

Urgh! Sorry you're feeling so rough!
I was told by a pharmacist friend years ago that those inhaler things that you squirt up the nost actually cause more inflammation if they are used more than a couple of days.
I usually go for menthol oil dripped all over the bed linen, PJs, anywhere, and that really does help.

Mad William said...

that made me laugh. i'm a member of peta. "people eating tasty animals"

i haven't heard that. I will try the oil trick. thanks.

eclectic said...

In-laws for 6 months? ***inhale, exhale... repeat*** I'm sure they're lovely people and all, but that's a long time for houseguests. Oh, and I'd go with clothing if I were you. Because if you start the nekid thing, they might retaliate. Eeeep!

Christine said...

The lion is terrific.

Also terrific? A friend of mine SWEARS by those "neti pot" things, the teapot you use to pour salty water or something in one nostril..so it works its way all through your sinuses, and comes out the other nostril.

I have not tried it, as the whole concept makes my skin crawl, but she swears it is better than a shotgun blast to the head.

Mad William said...

OMG! I need eye bleach now.
Eeep is right.

I actually had a doctor do that to me once. I could never do it again. It's awful.