02 November 2008

How To Read Your Customer...

I went to buy stamps the other day. The lady asks me if I have a preference of designs.

What do you have?

Flags, hearts and Betty Davis.

It looks like Betty has been air brushed to remove a cigarette from her hand. No. No flags. I'm not feeling very lovey today so the hearts are out. What else do you have?

That's it. But, this one has a little guy carrying a heart, so you could pretend that you just shanked someone and ripped their heart out.


Oh, how I love good customer service.


Christine said...

The guy at our post office offered me "The Love stamp" (a fancy cut-paper heart) or "The Love Don't Live Here Any More stamp" (the tiny guy running with the giant heart).

Yeah, you know exactly which one I picked, don't you?

Who knew the post office was the place to get the country's best customer service?

eclectic said...

That's awesome! It's not often the people behind the counter show a sense of humor, which explains why I buy stamps online.

delmer said...

You have the coolest post office ever.