07 January 2009


Blog update:

Ok, let's start with some help. I need a way to signify what's make believe and what's real. Or at least real in my mind. Apparently there is a bit of confusion about selected posts.

Most recently, Branford. Not a real person. Situation with Branford, not a real situation.


Dream Job update:

No so dreamy after all. Still great, but not so dreamy. Serious struggle. Still questioning the art world from this perspective. I guess my priorities have changed. I guess I got spoiled. I miss spending so much time with Precious and Mr. Man. I miss having time off. I hate having to pay a stranger to watch him while we work. I've been hearing things around the water cooler that are making me wonder. Paranoia? Wishful thinking? Pending doom?

I can feel the North wind blowing. It might be time for an adjustment.


Personal update:

In laws are still living with us. Still have nothing in common with my in laws. Still have no common ground about any subject. Still hanging in there.


Artistic update:

.......lost. Totally, lost.


Sizzle said...

That's the thing about dream jobs. . . they never seem to actually be all that dreamy when they are reality. At least, that's how I'm feeling lately.

Hang in there!

Christine said...

Comment update:
Branford: knew it was fiction. Loved it.
Dream job: yeah, sounds about right.
In-laws: God help you. I think I would shoot myself.
Art: It'll come back.

Anonymous said...

In-laws still there? Eeeek!
I'd be fit for the loony bin by now!
Sorry, that wasn't a lot of help really.
Nice to see you though, and Happy New Year! :o)