29 May 2009

Nikon, What Have You Done? Please Tell Me This Is Ashton's Fault...

As many of you may know, I am a devoted fan of all things Nikon. Especially the cameras. I have multiple 35 MM bodies that I have been using for more than 20 years. The lenses are fabulous.  Every where I go I always bring one of the compact cameras with me. For almost ten years now I have been using the Coolpix in a variety of versions. I use them to death.

Until yesterday I would have said that Nikon makes the greatest cameras, In. The. World. Bar none.

You see, yesterday I needed to replace my compact Coolpix L11 because after more than 10,000 photos going through it, it has stopped keeping track of file numbers. Every time I turn it off it resets back to DSCN 0001.jpg. It's really not that big of a deal until I try to download them to my laptop and it tells me that those files already exist.

Anywho...I automatically went to my local camera dealer to find a new Nikon Coolpix. After careful consideration and playing I picked out a Coolpix S220.

In less than 24 hours I have come to dislike, no hate, ok, that may be harsh. No, I hate it! Passionately!

I should have know as soon as Nikon started using Ashton to sell their product that something was wrong. 

In all my years of LOVING Nikon products, they have soured me with this one. The Coolpix S220 is by far the worst camera I have ever taken a photo with. No, tried to take a photo with. Even the disposable crappy ones from a 7-11 take a better photo.

The picture quality is horrible. Grainy, blurry, fuzzy, crap. In addition, the movies are choppy and the sound doesn't mesh with the image. The battery life is a terrible 140 photos per charge. I hate the rechargeable batteries. When shooting video, the battery dies before the memory is full.

The size and the price were attractive, but that is where the attraction stopped.

I have tried all of the settings, all of the features, in doors and out. Day and night. They all suck. I have yet to get a decent photo out of this abomination. 

 As soon as I get a chance I'm returning it. Nikon, you have hurt me. I feel used. And I may *gasp* look at a Cannon or Sony.

How did this poor excuse for a camera ever get out of testing? Shame on you Nikon.


Dave2 said...

So you aren't recommending the Coolpix S220 then? :-)

I have a Nikon SLR, but prefer Canon for pocket cameras. Their IS models (with image stabilization) give me the best images I've seen on anything in the small-size camera market.

Christine said...

You've been PUNK'D!