19 May 2009

The Studio Plunder...A History, Part Three

This is from 1992. It is the only work I have ever done in a 'primitive' style. It was created in the frame shop of Turner Fine Art in Denver. It's marker on craft paper. I have very little memory of what was happening at the moment I created it but I have always liked it.

The fire I spoke of previously, took most of my work prior to the 90's. In part it was also responsible for a lack of work in the mid 90's. In part, the fire I speak of was not so much an actual fire as it was a partner that was very insecure, and did not understand or support my need to create. I was a different person then and I gave in. Because of that I went for years with out ever drawing or painting.

The following works were created in those years. 91 to 96-ish. She resented my desire to be an artist, even though that is what I studied in school. But I would at times of need, sketch something. I never thought of myself as an artist until I met someone that encouraged and supported me. It meant everything to me at the time. I know now that I was then and always will be an artist. Good or bad. Success or failure. It doesn't matter any more. It's what I am. It's what I need to do and be.

This is my oldest niece at about 4 or 5 years old. She was dressed as a princess with a beautiful green dress.

A girl on the bus that I had a secret crush on. She didn't like my sketching her either. Even after I showed her this, she thought I was some kind of weirdo.

A version of a Milton Greene photo of Marilyn Monroe. She has always been one of my favorite celebs to draw or paint. Something quite remarkable about her. And working from photos doesn't get you thrown off the bus.

Greta Garbo, another favorite. I love that era.

Priscilla Presley. This was actually before she turned herself into a freak. It's not even close to good but I kept it for some reason. Maybe the purple. I love purple.

Another Marilyn.

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Dave2 said...

Any portrait sketching I've done has always been in characature, so seeing "real" portrait drawing is always fascinating to me. I've never been able to do it very well, which is probably why!