25 May 2009

The Studio Plunder...A History, Part Seven

 One of the things I have always found important is how the negative space is used. I think a lot of artists over look this. So often I will practice on works that focus on the negative space. One of favorite ways to practice this is to work on black board with white pencil. Or, I will paint in ink to cover everything except what I want to be left white, which to me is a bit more difficult. You will see a lot of that later technique in following posts.

These three were studies from 1999.

Frank Sinatra - This is actually the second version of this study. The first I gave away. It went to a friend, but I always wished I had kept it. The first one was better. Oh well, it went to a good home.

Miles Davis

More Miles

A couple I photographed on the beach.


Anonymous said...

That last picture is my favourite so far! So simple and elegant. Just stunning!

Greeneyezz said...

The photograph is wonderful.

Great shot.