24 May 2009

The Studio Plunder...A History, Part Six

So, with the last entry of part five, I realized I got a little bit ahead of myself. I realized this as I was digging in my studio again last night and I found my design portfolio. 

While I was in school, my main focus was design. Graphic, packaging, furniture,  industrial, public...

My personal preference was graphic. I specialized in logos and corporate identities as well as way-finding systems for hospitals, hotels, malls as well as advertising.

Starting in about 1990 I was already in business for myself. Many of my school projects were actual paying jobs. I managed to land jobs for O'Neill, Catalina, OP, Disney. There were a lot of local companies that had me do there print advertising, which I loved.

Most all of my work in the beginning was pencil,and markers. I didn't start painting in oil until 2001.

So here is a big part of my portfolio:

This was me. (sort of) The bottom had all of my business information on it.

Many of my portfolio pieces were compositions used to show clients a concept. The wording is done in what's called "greeking". (I think that's what we called it. If you look close it's just gibberish. but it looks good.

A few of the logos. 

The concept page. This is what a client would get shown at the second meeting. Then we would narrow it down and start on the rest of the company identity. Letterhead, cards, golf carts, you name it.

I can't remember who I designed this deck of cards for. I have two different designs.

Signage for the I & T Department on campus. It's done in pencil.

One of my Disney gigs was to design logos for a new line of swim wear for kids. This is what I showed them. I don't know why but the project was canceled before we met again. Many of the bigger companies would change things on a whim and no explanation. 

I used to have a great collection of Disney tee shirts and tank tops that were never put into production. We would do the designs and print about a dozen samples. I always got to keep many of the sample works. It was really cool having Disney clothes and knowing I was one of only three people in the world that had them.

I really miss doing the design work. I loved the whole process. Even 19 years later there are a couple of my logos and designs I still see around town. It's amazing. It always makes me smile.


Christine said...

This is good to see. Love your stuff, but for more personal reasons, too: it is hard for me, sometimes, to explain that I get just as much satisfaction out of a really effective advertorial piece as I do out of something I wrote for a Legitimate Magazine...

delmer said...

The woman I'm dating has had a past similar to yours. The other day we were digging through her garage for something and everywhere I turned I was moving artwork of some sort to get to something I needed. On the floor in one of the rooms I noticed what appeared to be some sort of layout for a product I recognized (all I'm coming up with as an image is a Campbell's soup can ... it wasn't Campbell's) -- she'd done advertsing work at one point in her life.

I eventually said, "If I had this talent I'd have stuff hanging up all over my house." As soon as I said it I realized she does ... she'd just run out of wall space.