17 September 2006

Speed Limits...

There is something that I have never understood. Ok there are a lot of things I don't understand but lets just go with the one for now.

Why do auto makers continue to build cars and trucks that will go 200 plus MPH?

There is no place in North America that you are allowed to drive faster than 75 MPH. And with good reason!

Clearly there is something that I am missing. Why does anyone need that much power in a vehicle?

To me, auto makers should be held accountable every time there is a high speed chase with police. Every time some idiot dies or kills someone else from street racing.

To me it is like handing a big bag of drugs to an addict and telling them not use any. Sha right! Are you kidding me?

Why do we need 500 horse power engines? Personally I think it is penis envy. The smaller the Johnson the faster car you need. Big trucks and fast cars tell me that someone is over compensating.

The DMV (department of moter vehicles) should also be held accountable for making it criminally easy to get and keep a drivers licence, but that is another post. Don't worry I will get to that.

It all come down to priorites. We seem to be confused about what is important. Wasting natural resources and driving fast should not be at the top of that list.

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sibyl! said...


on this crazy trip I kept seeing huge motorhomes pulling HUMMERS! something is seriously wrong with this.