22 September 2006

Yet to be...

It was a beautiful day along the coast today. I locked the door of the gallery and sat outside to soak it all in. Watch people walk past. Listen in on private conversations and giggle at the things people say when they think no one else can hear.

But then I heard a group of kids(20 somethings) talking about high school. How they missed it. How great it was. Life will never be like that again.

Holy crap Batman, I sure as hell hope it will never be like that again.

The more I thought about it, the worse I felt for them. How sad does your life have to be, to think that high school was as good as it will ever get? To be 18 to 20ish and think that your best days are behind you.

I for one could not wait to get out of high school and get on with my life. An endless world of possibilities. So much to learn and see and taste and touch and...well, there's a lot to do.

At night when my son goes to bed, he always pats the pillow and says, "Nap Daddy, nap Daddy". He wants me to lay with him until he falls asleep. Which I do. Each time, it is the greatest thing I have ever done. I wouldn't miss it. I am so looking forward to showing him the world.

I wonder if those kids today will ever know what that feels like. Will the ever realize, that we get out what we put in. They have so much life left and they are already looking back.

My high school class has had it's 20th reunion. I don't think I have thought about going back more than a few times. And even that was more just to see how many of them were still there, or who had gotten fat and lost their hair.

In all the years, I have seen only two of my class mates. One became my brother in law. Nothing I could do about that. The other was an old flame. Big mistake!. Her I still about, but only because I want to tell her I'm sorry about that last time.

When those kids ride in a car, do they face forward or backward? Do they ever want to see what's just over the next hill? Or the one beyond that one?

I have had some great moments. The best time of my life?

Ask me when it's over.

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