18 September 2006

Simple Economics?

Here is another one of the things that confuses me.

Two thirds (2/3) of the United States economy is consumer spending. That is, you and I going about our daily business of buying things. What ever they may be, from food, clothes, cars, household goods you name it. It is what we as Americans do. We buy stuff, and lots of it. It is the driving factor of this country.

Now, what confuses me is that minor events seem to control our spending. When the news says the stock market is low, oil prices are high, unrest in the middle east, a storm some where or an other, what ever it may be.

We as consumers decide that we should stop spending money. Save until things get better. They call it Consumer Confidence, and when it is low they economy suffers.

Am I the only one who is saying "WTF?"

Buy not spending money we are hurting the economy. Every time some number crunching geek in a cubicle says the economy is weak, we stop spending money.

For the vast majority of Americans the stock market, storms and the Middle East have nothing to do with our lives. Nothing!

Why do we pay so much attention to what some boob on the tube says we should or should not be doing?

Hello, McFly....

Consumers...It is what we do...It is what drives our economy...

Why can't people figure out, that when the economy is weak, all we need to do is to continue to be consumers.

If you want the economy to get better, contribute to it!

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