24 September 2006

God Help Us...

"Jackass Number Two" cost just $11.5 million to make and took in slightly more than that on Friday alone. Males accounted for two-thirds of the movie's audience, with 71 percent of the crowd younger than 25, according to Paramount.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

This is the future people. Movies like Jackass. Games like San Andreas.

We wonder what went wrong when kids kill kids.
We wonder why drugs are such a problem.
We wonder why the world hates us.

Things are only going to get worse. Much much worse.

Where have our priorites gone? It's not too late.

On a side note:

Bush has now killed more Americans than 9/11. This is to say nothing of the thousands of other non-Americans who have been sucked into this insanity.

Enough already!


Scrapnqueen said...

Just popped over here from Heather Anne's. I liked your "books" comment.

And as a non-American who doesn't watch T.V. and who lets my husband tell me about any relevant news he gleans over the Internet, I don't really understand the Bush comment.

And any movie called "Jackass" has got to be an insult to the intelligence. Sadly, the fact that it made so much money is a commentary on our times, isn't it?

Au revoir!

Neil said...

Unfortunately, the most crass spectacle has always had a place with humans, from Roman gladiators to Jackass. It would be nice to think that we were always evolving to something better.