27 April 2008

Over Heard In The Gallery...

It has always been said that there are no stupid questions. Well kids, I beg to differ. We have heard some remarkable things over the years, but I have a winner. This one will be hard to top.

A lady was talking with my neighbor and asked him: "How old do the deer have to be before they turn into elk?"

I don't even know where to begin...and yes, I spelled "herd" that way on purpose.

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delmer said...

We were in a friend's kitchen and he was getting ice out of the automatic dispenser in the door. He could have chosen crushed or cubed.

His wife asked, "How do you think they start out? As cubed or crushed?"

Meaning, either as big chunks that are broken up ... or smaller chunks that are assembled into larger cubes.

An instant later she realized her mistake.