15 April 2008


Five days in sunny, warm, seldom rainy, slightly over crowded, land of beautiful people wearing very little.

San Diego is very much the way I remember it being. We have only been gone for two years. How much could it have changed? Well quite a bit actually. Nothing major that we've noticed so far.

Mr. Man went to spend three days with his grand parents in AZ today. That's three days of adult time. I miss the little bugger already.

For those of you that know me, you know I have a signature shoe. They're my favorites. I had been buying them for years. People would come to the galleries and (if they couldn't remember my name) ask for the guy with the cool shoes. That's me.

Today, one of my first stops was the store that used to sell me those shoes. For years I had been under the assumption that the company, Conti of Italy, had stopped making that style. Today, the cool shoe gods were with my friends. I found not one but two pair of them in my size. I bought them both. Plus another really cool pair of black and white wing tips. Yes there will be photos. It's gotta be the shoes.

I love it here.

We're staying with friends that have dogs. Last time we were here one of the dogs managed to grab a steak off of the counter before we started to grill. We were giggling about it just minuets ago. He did it again. I swear that dog has the power of invisibility. He is so smooth and slick. And now, once again. very well fed. A whole new york strip with the bone. Gulp. Gone.

On Wednesday the fun begins. Find jobs. Find a house. Find a school for Mr. Man. We have three days after all. How hard could it be? (Precious hates it when I say that)

Now I have to go buy more steak.


Iron Fist said...

Man, I'm jealous. I think it's been close to four years now since I've been home to San Diego. I've had an offer to go down in July, though...which I think I might just have to do.

Penelope said...

Very impressed with your shoe shopping habits!
Good luck with the task list :o)

Sizzle said...

YAY for California, the beach and sunshine. Like Oregon but better. ;)

The shoes, they are awesome.

eclectic said...

That's great to hear, MW. Hope you're enjoying it fully!