17 April 2008

Sunny And 78...

We managed to visit almost all of the galleries in La Jolla and Laguna yesterday. Talked with people we haven't seen for two years. Both towns are beautiful. We're leaning towards going back to La Jolla. I have not taken more than a few photos so far. To busy soaking it all up I guess. I may try to open a gallery in La Jolla if I can negotiate a good lease, rents are very high their. For the right space it would be well worth it.

I am sun burned and tired. We drug ourselves home last night, this morning at 3:30 am. Ate great food with good friends. Drank expensive wine that someone else paid for. Sat around a fire pit by the beach until we shivered uncontrollably. It gets a little cold at night when the fire dies. So far it's been much fun.

Clear, blue, not a cloud in site, warm, beautiful sky.

People watching at the Pacific Beach Board Walk.

Sunset over the Ocean Beach Pier.

New shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh look at that blue sky! I can't remember the last time I saw a cloudless sky.
Fab shoes!!