23 April 2007

The Cruel Muse...

At my home today there are 3 naked women lounging about. I however am at my gallery no where near said nakedness. Naked women are one of my favorite things.

Oh cruel Muse why do you mock me?

Ok, it's not that cruel. I needed to be at the gallery, and truth be told there is always at least one naked woman at my house. One of the perks of being an artists. Not really. I just happen to have a sexy wife who likes to be naked, but I digress. (Sorry baby, I had to share) Oh, and she is one of the three.

I do like talking about naked women.

Focus please! Sorry.

Actually, a very talented artist and friend, David, is using our house and back yard for a painting.

Not this one, silly, it's already done. This is his work though.

I hope he doesn't mind me talking about him and posting his work. I didn't bother to ask. But then again he doesn't know about my blog.

He has a gallery down the street from ours. Great work. I would really like to have one some day. I keep trying to talk him into trading one of his for one of mine. He can actually get good money for his is the problem. Mine are still very inexpensive and unheard of by comparison.

I'm not sure I would trade me either.


Laurence said...

I love the piano ! :-)

Sizzle said...

"I do like talking about naked women.

Focus please! Sorry."

that made me laugh. :)