13 April 2007

My Isolation Continues...In Painting That Is

Here are the latest two works in the "Isolation" series.
I have been having a great time with these. I have found a very peaceful place(in my head) while painting.

This first is a 16 x 20 inch oil on canvas
This one is 27 x 39 inch oil on canvas.
The photo of the Birch trees that I posted a week or so ago has sold already. All of these have been getting a great response in the gallery.

I need to work on the photographs of them. Not all of the colors are coming through on this site. The skies have reds, oranges, violets, along with the blues, grays, and whites.


On an unrelated note.
Do any of you know anything about "wine bars"? Let me know we need to talk.


eclectic said...

I love the colors of the 16X20.

PrincessAhAh said...

Those are beautiful. My mom's an artist so I'm only allowed to hang her stuff :) but she might let me make an exception... I have a great wine bar in my neighborhood. It's lots of fun...