17 April 2007

Moments Of Truth...Day Two

Thank you all, for the nice thoughts and comments. Our meetings will continue through out today as well.

Yesterday did not go very well. My read so far is that we are about to get the boot.

Our partners have basically decided that they do not want to honor our original agreement and they are unwilling to hang in for the long run.

Who in their right mind goes into business and expects to get all of their money back "and" make a profit in the first year? Who?

On the up side, they thought we did a fantastic job considering what a crumby year the art world had. We were also offered spots jobs in San Francisco anytime we want.

Today shall bring a new path. We shall see where it goes.


eclectic said...

Lemme see if I've got this straight: The art world generally had a crappy year; the business is barely a year old; you've done a great job; and we're pulling the plug??? WTF?

I'm sorry William. If I can be of assistance, re: contract dispute, or whatever, let me know.

Mad William said...

WTF? Indeed!

Jill said...

Okay, so finally I am re-entering the blogosphere on a consistent basis. So I am just stopping by to say hi. Hi.

Sizzle said...

best of luck!