03 April 2007

Parental Failings...

I am a total failure as a parent this week.
We had a small party for Mr. Mans 3rd birthday. As guests are showing up, I dropped and broke my camera.

I didn't get a single photo of his Thomas the Tank Engine cake, or him blowing out candles or the excitement of his gifts...

Being only three, he will never remember any of this. I will most likely never forget. I pride myself in being overly obsessive with me camera. I can't believe I broke it, and worse, I didn't have a back up.

I am actually thinking of making a reenactment so I can shoot photos. Too OCD?


Dave2 said...

Ah, but reenact it when he's 30... that way he can REALLY enjoy it! :-)

Sorry about your camera. :-(

Mad William said...

Thanks Dave,
The thought of a 30 year old with a Thomas cake just makes me giggle.

And I did replace the camera the next day, so my world is in order once more.

For now.

Stacey said...

bummer about the camera. I'll bet next year you have a backup point&shoot "just in case."

Happy b-day to "Mr. Man"

Iron Fist said...

I would only think you were too OCD is if you decided to go about the re-enactment by making life-size wax statues of all parties involved and arranging them around a papier-mache cake.

beta-carotene said...

I bet when you tell him the story when he's older he will greatly appreciate what a great father you are. Especially when you describe his excitement and the cake and how much you wanted to capture it...

femme d'espoir said...

Sorry about the camera, but yes, WAY too OCD. He will forgive you when he's older and there are no pictures! Trust me.

That he enjoyed the moment is what counts!


Mad William said...

The worst part is that I actually have 4 cameras. The only one that was working was the one I dropped. I going to have at least one disposable from now on.

Iron Fist,
I totally thought about making a cake out of paper-mache. No wax figures though.

At least he will have my blog and all of journals to read.
Love the new changes to your site. I hardly know who you are anymore.;)

I thought so too, I just needed to hear it. It was a great time, I will never forget it.

Karl said...

Slightly OCD, yeah. But I say go for it. He'll never complain. "Ah! Too much cake!"

eclectic said...

Aww, I'm so sorry -- for you, but not for Mr. Man, because he'll remember more than you think. I still remember my brother excitedly giving me a gift on my third birthday, which he had purchased himself with money from his paper route, and wrapped himself -- I can even remember the wrapping paper. The gift was a little plastic scale with hanging numbers you could "weigh" to see which was bigger, so an 8 would outweigh a 3, etc. But I understand from your perspective how incredibly disappointing it must have been. I'm truly sorry you experienced that.