04 April 2007

International Dream...

This morning I heard a couple talking about the "American Dream".
They seemed to be Americans. They were in town looking to buy their next home. From the sound of it they had several already.

Greedy bastards.

But I digress.

What has the American Dream become? My Grand parents spoke about it in the terms of owning their own plot of land and a house. Some place to call their own.

People flock to this country (the USA) in search of their own American dream. A better place to live. A good job. A free(in theory)country. From the state of things I would guess that the American Dream has become more about fame and fortune. The lure of Celebrity.

I don't know about all of you, but that sure isn't my dream. I despise celebrities. You can keep your fame and your fortune for that matter.

Every time I hear people talking about wanting to be rich. I think about something I learned as a child. "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven,"

The funny thing is that I have never been a religious person. I avoid organized religion like the plague. I believe in God and I pray there is a Heaven. My problem is that I have no faith in man. From the dawn of religion men have used it for their own selfish and greedy desires. I think the true message of God has been lost. I do consider myself to be a spiritual person.

Sorry, my mind is wandering! The American Dream. What has it become? More importantly, what is the dream of the rest of the world? That's the question I really want an answer to.

Why does the world want to come to the US? Do they still want to come here? What is the British Dream? The French Dream? The Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, German...
They must have dreams right? What are they? I truly hope that it's not to come here and be rich and famous!

Tell me world, what do you dream about?


Shelly said...

I dream about peace, but that's not really an "American dream". I dream about a country with freedom of speech and single-payer, not for profit health care and a more fair tax system. I live in a tiny house and besides my computer I'm not all that concerned about "things" but I would like to travel more.

I love your artwork, by the way. I'm an artist also. You have a great blog! I'm going to check out your flickr pictures too.

Iron Fist said...

I believe in God... My problem is that I have no faith in man... I think the true message of God has been lost.

If only more people had this kind of insight, the world would be a better place.

As for me, I dream of a world sans war, opportunity for all, and a completely different view of what education should be compared to how it currently exists. For starters.

Laurence said...

The french dream : WINE ! :-D

eclectic said...

I guess I wish that Americans could dream of a world that didn't revolve around America. I love my country, but we seem so self-focused.