16 April 2007

Moments Of Truth...So To Speak

This morning shortly after I open the gallery, our business partners will show up.
I didn't sleep a bit last night and already I am on the verge of a break down. If we can survive the next two days there will be hope for the gallery and my sanity.

They have given us no clue as to what they want to discuss or their feelings about our first year. They are very secretive, at the wrong times.

We are all in this too deep to pull the plug, but they have done things that were more fooling before. We are going into it hoping that they will leave things alone(except the money they owe us, we would like that)and we can all go back to our lives. We are also expecting them to do something silly.

I hate not know what to expect. At times it's fine, but when it comes to my business and the future of my family, I at least want some kind of a clue. No such luck.

There is no room in my life for this kind of stress. It was this anxiety that drove us to move here in the first place. It found us. Or followed us. Either way I don't like it.

Let the battle begin!


Just as I am about to hit the publish button, my cell phone rings. It's the partners.

They missed their flight. The make me mental. At least we have an extra five hours before they get here now.

Where are my Valium.


eclectic said...

Ah. Well, I'm sending positive energy your way, and hoping you will be relieved whatever the outcome.

Mad William said...

Thanks, I feel the mojo.

PrincessAhAh said...

Ditto, good vibes comin' atcha from the East Coast. The Universe will watch out for you, I'm sure! (I think you need to "smudge" the gallery after they've left...)

Sizzle said...

i really hope it all goes well. thinking of you.

femme d'espoir said...

thinking of you with hope and calming thoughts.

did all go well?


Iron Fist said...

I suppose all has been said and done by the time I post this comment, but I still want to retroactively send my best wishes.

And I hope it all turned out OK.