09 April 2007

Techno Hell...

My mini crisis of breaking my camera last week is becoming a bigger problem.

The camera itself, I replaced in less than 12 hours. No problem there. I must have a camera on my person at all times. I Must.

To make sure I have a back up I had my two 35 mm fixed and bought film. Yes film. I'm sure some of you remember it.

Anywho, since I have started using digital cameras I find myself not printing the photos. I download them onto my mac and in most cases forget about them until I need them.

I now have about 6044 photos on my mac from my first digital camera. Here is where things go screwy.
The new camera is a Nikon. The old camera was a Nikon. They both have the same file system.
The old was DSCNxxx.jpg, no problem. The new camera is DSCNxxx.jpg. BIG PROBLEM!
All of my photos from the first camera are now filed DSCNooo1.jpg to DSCN6044.jpg.
When I download photos from the new camera, it started with DSCNooo1.jpg.
This has my mac confused big time! It keeps telling me that those files already exist, would I like to replace them. Hell No I Don't. They are two different photos! But if I tell my mac no, it doesn't do anything with the new photo. If I tell it yes it replaces the old photo with the new one.

I am in techno hell. I knew when I bought my first digital that it was too good to be true. It made me lazy. Now I have thousands of digital files that I need to print, not to mention find somewhere to store them so I can download photos from my new camera.

Oh the humanity!

On the up side I have a cool new camera. Down side, I think I need a new mac and several external hard drives to store and catalog photos. At least Precious said it was down side. Personally it all sounds good to me. A new mac. Cool.

Exsqueeze me?

How much for the new mac?

Ok, I see the down side now.


Something funny.

I accidentally flagged my own blog for having offensive content.

I can not be trusted around electronics of any kinds.


eclectic said...

Oh... THAT downside. Riiiight. Forgot about that one. Dammit! ;)

Can't you just rename all the original files and move them to a new folder? Or even copy them onto a disk?

Mad William said...

Wow, you sounded just like Precious right there.

Dave2 said...

Some digital cameras have the ability to change the naming scheme... might check that in the never-ending menus that camera manufacturers like to put on their cameras?

Mad William said...

Good thought. This however is just one of the mid range point and shoots. No can do. Looks like I am going to need a better camera along with the mew mac.