29 March 2007

Beyond The Profit Of Today...

Lord, give me vision that shall see
Beyond the profit of today
Into the years which are to be,
That I may take the larger, wiser way.

I seek for fortune, Lord, nor claim
To scorn the recompense I earn;
But help me, as I play the game,
To give the world its just return.

Thou mad'st the earth for all of us,
Teach me through struggle, strain and stress
To win and do my share, for thus
Can profit lead to happiness.

Guard me from thought of little men
Which blind the soul to greater things;
Save me from smug content and then
From greed and selfishness it brings.

Aid me to join that splendid clan
Of business Men who seek to trace
A calm, considered working-plan
To make the world a better place.

Teach me to hold this task above
All lesser thoughts within my ken,
That thus I may be worthy of
The name of Business Man; Amen!

Author Unknown

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