15 March 2007

I Know You're Out There...

I have asked you all before, and I will continue to ask.
Some of you must know an artist that is looking for representation. I am looking for those who are not yet showing in galleries or maybe just one or two spots.

Talent, drive, reliable...a fresh voice and vision...

I know there has to be at least a couple talented artists out there some where.

I just went through the catalog for the New York Art Expo. It took place a couple of weeks ago.
500 pages, about 850 artists and all but about 5 of them are absolute SHITE!

What the hell is going on in the world. Art schools, I'm talking to you. You are cranking out garbage men not artist. Do you teach them anything at all anymore? Good Grief man. I spend more time trying to re-educate wantabe artist than I do anything else.

I should not have to teach them, how to act in public, how to dress, how to put together a portfolio, how to create a web site, how to speak in coherent sentences, how to research galleries, how to lay out a drawing, color theory, composition, art history....

Enough already! For the love of Rembrandts ghost, stop.

Being an artist is hard work that takes a life time of dedication and devotion to your craft. The next one of you that brings me a poorly photo-shopped photograph and gives me a line of BS about it being a new art form, I swear to all that is holy I will make you eat it!

And Disney. STOP giving licenses to every blow hard that can copy Mickey Mouse. It's been done to death already! We are sick of seeing it.


eclectic said...

I actually have a friend, a former baby-sitter of ours actually, who graduated from Western with a degree in art a few years ago, and who's work is so different from yours but so incredibly gripping too. She has fallen in love and moved away from the area to be with her new husband, but when the dust settles, I wonder if she's someone you'd like me to ask?

Mad William said...


I will offer a finders fee.
Let me know how to find her, or have her email me some work.

adena said...

I met you in passing at TequilaCon. I was the redhead.

Anyhow, my father is an amazing artist, he mainly uses oils....both landscapes and people. Really, really great stuff.

I got his art gene, but I've never really dabbled w/ paint. I'm more of a graphite, portrait type artist.

In that, I think I'm fairly good. I can email you stuff if you want.
I've also gone big into photography.

I know what you mean about modern art, and a lot of the stuff that is out there now....I just don't get it. I don't understand how some of that stuff is out there w/ people thinking it is so great. Seriously...ANYBODY can splatter paint on a canvas. It does not an artist make.

eclectic said...

Will do. No finder's fee though -- just promise to bring Precious and have drinks with Mr. Eclectic and me next time we're in Seattle.