17 March 2007


I have more questions for all of you.

Of those of you out there, that are in relationships. Living with another person, married, seriously dating...

Of those of you with blogs, how many of you have your partner blog as well?
Do they have their own site? Do they share your site? Do they guest post on your site from time to time.

Did they have a blog when you met? Did they start blogging after you did or want to blog because you were?

What are your thoughts on this. Feel free to give answers to questions that I may have not asked, or share stories of couples blogging. Good, bad or ugly.


eclectic said...

My husband shakes his head indulgently when I head out to the computer. He is supportive of my desire to blog, but completely baffled by it. He reads, but never comments. Still, I think he gets a kick out of some of the people with whom I've connected over the time I've blogged, and I even think he admires me for being willing and able to put myself out there in a way.

Laurence said...

Hi MadWilliam,

I hope that I can speak french !!!
Je ne blogue pas depuis longtemps. Et depuis que j'ai un blog, je n'ai pas de petit ami (boy friend)... Donc, je n'ai pas d'histoires à raconter.
Par contre, ma maman (mum) veut avoir son blog aussi... Elle vient me lire et elle est aquarelliste (water color painter ?!?). Et elle voudrait créer un blog pour mettre ses peintures !

P.S. If you don't understand, say me ! I will translate with a lot of mistakes !!! :-D

adena said...

Nope, I'm the only one who blogs.

My other half is not a writer, he's more math inclined.

He occasionally reads my blog, but he's not a big blog person. I don't think he has the attention span to sit and read people's random posts. He'll sit and read books, but blogs don't really interest him.

He totally puts up w/ my blogging, and the fact that I want to go do things like TequilaCon to meet people I consider friends, even tho' I've never met them in real life before.

Which is good. Who needs someone who thinks you're crazy for your incessant need to write??

Don said...

My wife and I met before the WWW was born. Now she reads my blog sometimes, but generally disapproves of the wasted time and effort. Thinks it is an unhealthy alternative to a real social life. There is a point in that. But blogging is more than just a fake social life. It's not always clear how much more, but having a public creative outlet is like air to breathe for people like me. She never leaves comments, but sometimes tells me in person that she liked this post or that. Always, I am embarrassed and want to quit. But I don't.