06 March 2007

Battle Blogging...

When I started this site I really had no idea about how blogging worked or how to get anyone to visit. I signed up for several sites that all claimed they would bring people by the thousands and make me rich.

They were all shoveling some deep do.

I did stay with two of them, Blogorama and Blogexplosion.
Blogorama kind of blows. I am pretty sure I have never had a visitor from their site but I really like the button so I leave it on my site. I have had a few visits from Blogexplosion. They at least make an effort to create a user friendly network for us. Most of the sites I find with them are political with a heavy right tilt. Not my thing.

They have what they call the Battle of the Blogs. You put up your site against another member and let visitors decide who has the best site.

I decided today that I would accept an offer to battle. I put up 25 of my points and went at it.
I won. Go figure. Probably my last battle. I'm not sure I want the kind of traffic these kind of sites bring. After all, I didn't really start this for the site traffic. Sure it's nice, but I much would much rather have you find me from someone who already visits. Besides, I try not to be confrontational. That kind of attitude goes against the whole 'battle" theme.

I signed up for a site called PayPerPost today. They allegedly pay blogger to write about things they write about anyway. After a day of looking at their site and checking it out, I think I will be ditching them also.


Third round of the Volleyball playoffs are over. We lost. I don't want to talk about it. Season over.


eclectic said...

Sorry about volleyball -- one of my favorite sports from college days, not that I played for the school, just in the rec league. But we had a hella time, and I remember loving the game.

I'm pimping you over at my site, because I thought you were going to TC'07, and I was really looking forward to meeting you. Now I read you're not going afterall. Bummer.

Mad William said...

How did I miss being pimped? I am trying to change things up to be there. I am only an hour and a half away. I will be there if I can. Even if I just come for an hour or so.

sibyl! said...

yeah. I was hoping to see ya there too!

Jessica said...

Hi there - still coming out to TequilaCon this weekend? Hope so - would like to meet you.