22 March 2007

In The Gallery Today, and Sadly, Everyday...

On our front window is a list of the artists that we represent in the gallery. We have 17 names on the list. Inside the gallery we hang the art of each artist in there own space to keep them grouped. With each group we put the name of the artist on the wall with the works as well as put a tag on each work that has the artists name, title, price and size.

Everyday, at least one person will stop at the window to look at the list of artists. Walk into the gallery and look at all of the works. Read the tags. Walk up to the desk and ask me if I painted all the works.

When I say, "No, we have about 20 different artists from all over the world.", they almost always say, "So you didn't do these?"

That drives me nuts!


We have large bronze dogs in the gallery. Today a lady came in to ask about them. She asked what they were made of.

"They're bronze."

She looks at me with a puzzled expression and says, "Is that like some kind of metal?"


Behind my desk is a large painting of roof tops in St Petersburg Russia. The work is titled, Rooftops of St Petersburg. The artists name is Volkov.

A man asked today what it was called. I told him the title, the artists name and mentioned that he grew up not to far from where it was painted.

He looks me right in the eye and says, "Is that a local scene?

I repeat everything that I just told him. He says, "So it's not from around here?"


I am quite sure that I am way too hard on people. On days like today, I really wish I carried a stun gun.


Dave2 said...

Well, you have to admit that the skylines of St. Petersburg Russian and St. Petersburg Washington ARE eerily similar...

Sarah said...

If you've seen Bill Engvall, "Here's your sign!"

Sizzle said...

you can't make this stuff up- it's too good. :)

ah people! the bronze one really got me. good lord!

eclectic said...

Stun gun? Nah, just get little armbands to use in place of admission tickets -- armbands that are actually little remote control shock collars. A merely stupid remark merits a small buzz. A completely clueless and/or insulting remark merits a full shock. And if they try to leave while wearing their wristbands, an invisible fence line at the door will keep them in place until you arrive.