23 March 2007

The Crowd (in my head) Goes Wild...

Sometimes my life is complete and utter chaos. The crowd noise is deafening. The crowd, is for the most part in my head. I am easily distracted. In the middle of a project, the crowd screams and starts a wave. Next thing I know I'm throwing my arms in the air...and I'm off to the concession stand.


Thank you for the offers to help with changing my template. It was the angst. I'm not really upset with my layout. In fact I like it. There is really no need to make more changes. I am still thinking of changing my host though.


Over the last six days I have slept for about three hours a night. This is part of my problem lately. The crowd gets much louder the less I sleep.


With not sleeping comes more time in my studio. At times the insomnia can be a benefit. I usually don't get enough time to paint. When my mind is in a good place, the extra time lets me produce a lot of work that I wont have to paint over later. When my mind is set on puree, I produce a lot of work that for the most part never gets finished. I start a painting, the crowd roars, hey look at the shinny thing on the floor...who needs a beer and hotdog?


Here are three of the latest paintings. 24 x 36 inches each. I have several more layers of paint to put down. Provided I don't wander off.

These three are about isolation. Something that has been weighing heavy on my mind as of late. I always seem to feel more isolated the larger the crowd grows.


Those photos stink. Time for a new camera.


Mr. Man has learned several more choice words. I love the timing he has when he decides to use them.

He loves to greet people when he's at the gallery with us. Someone comes in, he grabs one of our business cards, takes it to them and says, Hello, ticket please." then he hands them our card. It is so cute.

This week, he went to greet a couple. The totally ignored him. Which was rude but, anywho.

Mr. Man tried to hand them a card, says hello. They walk past without a word. He turns to me, throws down the card and says, "Well that's a bitch."


Oh, look! Fire works!

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eclectic said...

That's priceless!! And he's so right! Hope the crowd noise quiets some so you can paint more about isolation -- it's captivating.