13 March 2007

Carefull Where You Crash...

Yesterday was going so well. It didn't rain. Precious came to have lunch with me while Mr. Man was with a sitter. People were in the gallery. All in all it was nice.

As I am leaving for the day I spy a note on my windshield. A love note from Precious, I think to myself. How cool. I do enjoy a nice love note.

I pull the note off the window and this is what I read...

This is not very romantic, but I kind of chuckle to myself. Then I think. This is not the handwriting of my Precious.

I walk around the side of my car to find a big fat dent, scrapes and paint transfer.

My good day is now shot to hell. I am so PO'ed at the fact this beeotch left this note with no personal info. She clearly new some one had seen her so she is going to make the witnesses think that she's doing the right thing when in fact she is just being mean, rude and irresponsible.

I apologize to women every where for assuming that it was a woman that hit me. At this point I had no idea.

Having learned early on in life that revenge, like sushi, is best served cold, I calm myself and begin my investigation.

All the shops were closed. No witnesses to be found. I examine the note more closely.

This was the other side of the note.

Not much to go on, but it's enough if you have been around the block a few times.

Within 10 minutes of finding the note I new the womans name (sorry women, it was a woman)
her phone number, type of vehicle, her address and insurance carrier.

In Oregon a hit and run of any kind is a criminal offense. How ever, I decide to give her the chance to do the right thing.

I call the number and ask for her by name. What I get is, "Um...no...that's not me...um...who is this?...how did you get my number?...um...wrong number." CLICK. She hung up on me.

I tried it again only to get an answering service. Guess who's voice I hear. That's right. The same woman that just told me I had the wrong number.

Now I'm pissed.

As I am talking with the police, giving them the info I get another call. It's her. She starts off by asking if I am the person who's car she hit. Then she desperately wants to know how I found her. I did not share techniques.

Maybe she started to think about how much trouble I could cause for her if I were so inclined or she was feeling guilty. Who knows. Who cares. She does offer to call her insurance company and file a claim. Which she has now done. We will see where this goes.

I will give her credit for having called me back. I didn't think she would. But I don't have much faith in people.

The moral of my tale...

Be careful before you try to pull a fast one. You never know who you might be dealing with. No matter what you do, you are very easy to find. Just look at how much info I got on this person in less than ten minutes with this little slip of torn paper.


On a side note. Mr Man loved the "Lil Dave" buttons!


Stacey said...

Way to Magnum P.I. the criminal! Sorry about the car.

Sizzle said...

that's great that you called and that (hopefully) she is going to pay for the damage.

the dave buttons look so good on him!

jenny said...

that's so totally CSI it's awesome! and based on the handwriting, i would've assumed woman right off the bat as well.

hope it all works out, and way to call her out!

Dave2 said...

Everybody looks good in Lil' Dave Buttons! :-)

Karl said...

Damn, you're like Matlock or something. Bet that woman was crapping herself silly when you called.

Jessica said...

Wow! I'm both disgusted that she would do that and impressed by your techniques! Good luck with that.

Mr. Man is adorable!

eclectic said...

I love it when a plan comes together like that. Good for you, Super Sleuth! Hope her insurance company handles the situation promptly.

Mr. Man DOES look good in the Li'l Dave buttons!

femme said...

You go, guy!!

Alissa said...

Wow, you are quite the detective! Remind me to never mess with you.