22 June 2008

3:30 AM...5,6,7...

Birch No. 5, 6, 7. 10 x 30 inches each. Birch 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are on the table.

People are so strange. As I'm painting these, I start with the blue. I paint the entire canvas blue, then put the trees over it. I had just finished the blue on No 8 and 9. A guy comes in and sees me painting. He asks about what I'm doing so I give him the run down.

Then he tells me he wants to buy no 8 and 9.

But they're not finished. I still need to put the trees in.

That's alright. I like the finished works, I'm sure I will like those.

They will look very different when I'm done.

I know, that's alright.

I need payment in advance.

That's alright.

I don't give refunds.

Umm...That's alright.

If you don't like them, I wont take them back.

I'm sure I will.


I can only try to talk a person out of buying my work for so long. So, what I want to know is: If he liked the finished works, why not buy one of those? Why pick out two that are not done? They're the same size, same colors, everything. It makes no sense to me. What ever...as long as he's buying them.


Anonymous said...

You maybe need to work on your selling technique - if you can sell 3 when you're trying NOT to, think what you could sell when you DO try - heh!
Hey, a sale is a sale, right? It's always best not to try to question human nature, I gave that up a long time ago ;o)

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh my goodness William. You sound so much like me. I have that nasty habit of trying to convince people NOT to buy my work too. I am trying so hard to STOP this. After reading this entry, I just laughed and laughed. "Ahhh...I don't give refunds!" OMG LOL LOL LOL Funny funny funny!!

eclectic said...

It's the surprise factor. Some people actually LIKE to be surprised, so long as they're reasonably certain that it's a surprise they'll like. And if he could see a sampling of your other work, he'd be reasonably certain to like it, so he went for the surprise. I can identify with that.

Mad William said...

It's funny. I can talk about anyone else's work and sell it, no problem.
I still take mine too personally.

It's hard to sell your soul. Or at least, little piece of it.
Seriously, I won't take it back...

Sustained Counselor.
I'm not a surprise person. At least not in this case. Movies, books, haircuts, sure go ahead with a good surprise. With a painting I have to live with, I want a little more info.
Thank goodness that we're all so different.

Kyra said...

It's funny that you say this, I think I'm actually going to start hiding my paintings until they're finished. I'm desperately trying top finish the last in a series I actually have people fighting over - it's completely stressing me out!

Congrats on the sales though!

Asphodel said...

What he was commissioning was your conception of the pieces ;)

Lovely work, congrats on the sale!