08 June 2008

It's Not Just The Thought That Counts...

Do you ever make plans, or even set those plans into motion, and somehow they still don't quite seem real? Surreal, if you will. Well...welcome to my hood. The last couple of months, or the last couple of weeks in particular have been more than odd.

Being away from Precious and Mr. Man is much more difficult than I had anticipated. Not just for myself. I know now that I never want this to happen again. No matter what the out come of this summer, this time apart is not going to be worth it.

I will admit, there are a couple of things that I had forgotten about, that our separation has reminded me of.

One of those things, and my favorite, is the Love Letter. A lost and dying art form. There was a time that I wrote many love notes and letters. Actual pen to paper. When Precious and I were first getting to know one another, love notes were a regular occurrence. I still have most all of them. (I'm a bit sentimental about certain things)

As the years have passed and our relationship has grown, our notes and letters have decreased to special occasion. The sentiment is still there, it's the gesture that's faded. At least until recently. Even though our most recent notes and letters to one another have been digital, the thoughts and feelings are the same. I think it's the gesture that really means the most. There is something wonderful about seeing another persons words, expressing their feelings for you. Somehow they seem to have more meaning, or more impact than spoken words. You have to go out of your way to write it down.

I for one am planning on sending and leaving more love notes and letters. Not only while we're apart, but after we are reunited. I think everyone should. Spread the love people.


eclectic said...

I have a box with all the letters Mr. Eclectic sent while we were dating, and then another manilla envelope from the year we were apart transitioning back to the NW. They're among the first things I'd grab if we had a fire.

Mad William said...

It's always the simplest of things that end up meaning the most to us.

Anonymous said...

You said that this time apart will not have been worth it, and right now I can imagine that's absolutely true. However, if writing love letters and taking a little more time over loving your family is a result of this then I would say it was worth it :o)

Pumpkin Pie said...

I have a box of letters I sent to my husband in France and he sent to me in the States before we were married.

We don't write them now. :(

I miss talking on the phone with him like we did for three years before we were married. Somehow, his voice is so much more sexy on the phone. :)

Mad William said...

That's a good point.

We don't have to be apart from our loved ones to do those things.

We can start a Love letter revolution.

I find French sexy. On the phone or or not.

Footsteps said...

Letters and e-mails provide a sort of emotional "snapshot." I love them! My brain gets saturated by the latest events and without written memories, I lose precious details...
I treasure a box of letters and notes from childhood.

jenny said...

I fully support your love letter revival campaign! I have a precious few love letters, and their value is immeasurable to me. Long live the lost arts!

Sizzle said...

I couldn't agree more! I have old, old love letters from boys I no longer speak to but who helped show me how to love. I treasure it.