14 July 2006

Beyond my years....

It was 1972. My best friend, James and I were passing notes in class. As some notes are, we had one intercepted. Of course it had all sorts of personal information that was most embarrassing to all concerned. Mainly us and the young girls we were making fun of.( we were in the 4th grade, girls were still some what gross) It was then and there that we decided to create our own personal secret code. We each kept a note book with the master list(at home so no one could steal it and break our code).
We worked on it for months. A set of letters, numbers, symbols and phrases in which we could talk about absolutely anything and everything. We used it for years. Slowly updating and refining to the point we hardly ever had to refer to our notebooks.
It was all very geekish but we thought we were quite cool. Others tried to make their own codes but none had the vision or the determination to stick with like James and I.
As the years passed and girls became less gross and more Hubba Hubba we stopped using our code. Then James moved away and we eventually lost touch with each other. I lost the notebook and had for the most part forgotten about the code.
Until this week that is. I know now that we had developed html. The same mind numbing gibberish that we used to make fun of girls in now the master frame work of computers world wide.
As I sat this week trying to create my own blog and personalize it the way so many of you have with your own sites, thinking what bozo came up with all this crap?
I could have been that Bozo.
Now I get to learn a new code so my space can be just as cool as the ones that brought me to this place.
James, where ever you are, I hope you ended up at Google.
You Bozo.

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